Halloween In The Dark

With Halloween right around the corner, Reanna Pryce and In The Dark Publishing present Halloween In The Dark, a collection of three spine-tingling erotic gay shorts. Featuring…


Harrison – in the throes of a nasty divorce – is working on his screenplay but struggling to find inspiration. Working from his West Hollywood apartment, he doesn’t experience much beyond the walls of his bedroom office… Until someone moves into the adjacent unit. It’s not that Harrison intends to listen at the wall; he just can’t seem to help himself. The things he hears both inspire and disgust him – but he can’t turn away.

Before long, just listening is no longer enough, and Harrison spirals into a dark obsession with the handsome escort next door. Where is the line between love and destruction? Harrison can no longer tell…

A dark novella of 33,000 words with elements of voyeurism, paid sex, stalking, a “hero” who dresses up as Patrick Bateman for Halloween unironically, and no HEA.


The end of their marriage was never Kyle’s choice, but he still needs Ben too much to put a stop to their all-too-rare nights together – no matter how much it hurts.

“Kyle insists that this time, he won’t fall asleep. If I don’t fall asleep, you can’t leave.

But he always does. And Ben always can.”

A bittersweet erotic short story of 6500 words with a supernatural twist and no HEA.


Throughout the centuries, Sjeng has called to Luca in many different incarnations, answering to many different names. But no matter the century, no matter the name, their encounters always end the same way: Luca sinks his fangs into his lover’s throat and drains him dry.

This year, the young man answers to Shane. This year, nothing is different – nothing can be different. Forever is forever, after all, and Luca is destined to be forever alone… Isn’t he?

A dark erotic vampire short of 7500 words featuring reincarnation, fated lovers and as close to an HEA as one can have when at least one character is undead.

If you are looking for fluff and happily ever after, you will not find it here. These stories are dark and erotic with elements of horror, perfectly suited to Halloween.

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