The Billion Dollar Rebound Revenge Sneak Peek!

Available 02.15.20

Meet Dorian, Pierce, Sebastian and Adam, four brothers who own the largest privately held company in the world: Marchand Global. Obscenely rich and equally handsome, the Marchand brothers have everything any man could ever want – except love.

Despite the fact that she’s attending the Winter Olympics to research a Cutting Edge rip-off for the Heartmark Channel, curvy screenwriter Lydia Trainor doesn’t know jack about figure skating. She does know she’s far too ordinary to be anything more than a fling to the absurdly hot Olympian she meets at a club – but after a horrendous breakup, she could use a fling too.

Pierce Marchand, billionaire and elite figure skater, needs something to drown out thoughts of his ex and provide relief from the stress of proving that he’s in Pyeongchang thanks to his talent, not his trust fund. He decides Lydia is pretty enough to be a pleasurable distraction without actually being distracting – until their electric chemistry obliterates his control and leaves him wanting much more.

Suddenly Pierce can’t help but think that the easiest way to get his mind off of Lydia and back on the ice is to keep her in his arms…

Hindsight Sneak Peek!

Available 10.15.19

Nick Hannigan has it all. He’s a handsome rock star with a successful band, a beautiful wife and an adorable daughter. Not bad for the kid no one thought would make it.

But Nick is caught in the past and the distant memories of first-time love. Getting in touch with an ex ten years after a bad breakup reveals secrets Nick couldn’t have begun to imagine and lies he can’t begin to comprehend.

A bittersweet reflection between the past we have and the future we want.

Can anything be changed with hindsight?

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