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Meet Dorian, Pierce, Sebastian and Adam, four brothers who own the largest privately held company in the world: Marchand Global. Obscenely rich and equally handsome, the Marchand brothers have everything any man could ever want – except love.

Sebastian Marchand, talented musician, reluctant billionaire and even more reluctant CEO of Marchand Records, is convinced that no man could ever be interested in him for anything other than his bank balance. When he meets employee Charlie MacGuire on the very day his own decision has led to the charismatic man losing his job, Seb vows to do whatever it takes to keep Charlie from finding out the truth of his identity. Unfortunately, he didn’t count on the seductive pull of the alternate reality he builds to deceive Charlie… Or on the seductive pull of falling in love…

Lines Sneak Peek!

Lines by Reanna PryceJaxon James is a solo artist, towering at the height of his career. He’s got it all and then some; a sprawling house in the Hollywood Hills, sold out arena shows – and a bit of an addictive personality. Elliot Warren is an actor, teetering on the brink of obscurity. He hit his peak in the late noughties and now struggles by on the notoriety of being the most quoted cast member of the country’s most laughed at soap opera. Unlike Jaxon, his image is squeaky-clean, and his career depends on keeping it that way.

Jaxon has nothing to offer but notoriety. Elliot has nothing to offer but stability. With La-La Land providing their set and a supporting cast of neuroses, addictions and egos, will they get their Hollywood ending?

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